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Minister Angelkova: We have to speed up the works along the line “Tzerkovski – Karnobat”

25 August 2014 A+AA-
Minister Angelkova: We have to speed up the works along the line “Tzerkovski – Karnobat”

Yet another delay in the implementation of projects under the Operational Programme "Transport" 2007 – 2013 was stated today by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Nikolina Angelkova. The Minister inspected the construction in the sections covered by the project for modernization of the railway line Plovdiv - Burgas and the preparation of the rehabilitation of the railway station in the seaside town.

The implementation of Lot 3 of the project - "Tzerkovski - Karnobat" is the most critical. The contractor is "GCF-CK 13-Trace RailInfra Consortium" and the value of the contract is about 136 million lev without VAT. Although the physical implementation of the route is estimated at around 73%, there has been a long delay and the site will not be completed in time. Minister Anglekova stressed that she will not make compromises and wants full mobilization by the contractors for a completion by mid-2015. "Currently, the work on the site is not intensive enough. In three days I will expect a revised construction program, otherwise we will take actions against the contractor. We will initially impose penalties under the contract, but we can proceed to termination if necessary", said Nikolina Angelkova. According to her such actions will minimize the risk of loss of funds under the Operational Programme "Transport". She demanded that the contractor provides additional teams and extends the working hours of the construction workers.

It emerged from the inspection of the section Stara Zagora - Zimnitsa (Lot 2 of the project for the modernization of the railway line Plovdiv - Burgas) that the time for completion of the project will be extended by 160 days. The activities under the contract had to be completed by mid-May this year. "I had the assurance that the construction site will be put into operation with the necessary permits by the end of the year. The deadline will be extended because of some unforeseen circumstances", said Minister Angelkova. About 90% of the activities along the line are implemented. The contractor is DZZD "GCF-CK 13 Trace Railinfra Consortium” and the contract value is over 151 million lev without VAT. The approximate total length of railway track is 120 km.

Nikolina Angelkova added that the repair works of the railway station in Stara Zagora will begin at the end of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015. "The funding of about 3 million lev will be provided by the National Railway Infrastructure Company", said the Minister.

Together with Mayor Dimitar Nikolov she inspected the construction works on the tracks of the train station in Burgas. Representatives of the contractor Consortium DZZD "Railway Infrastructure Burgas" acquainted the Minister with the implementation phase of the project for rehabilitation of the building. Currently the design is underway and under the contract the works should start at the end of November. Nikolina Angelkova demanded that all deadlines should be shortened so that the project could be completed by end of 2015. Contract construction should be completed in early 2016, which is beyond the period of eligibility of expenditure under the Operational Program "Transport". “Therefore, we should do our best to finish by the end of the next year in order to absorb all funds for the project", said Minister Angelkova. She insisted to have the design project presented by 1 September and the technical one – by 15 September. "In this way we can begin construction on 1 November", said Nikolina Angelkova. The contract for modernization of the station is estimated at 8.1 million lev without VAT (10% contingencies).

Later in the day Nikolina Angelkova will meet with Mayor Dimitar Nikolov. She will also inspect the construction of coastal navigation management center, which is part of the " Vessel Traffic Management Information System” (VTMIS). Minister Angelkova is also expected to visit the port of Burgas and Maritime Administration - Burgas.

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