Operational Programme on Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020

General Information

22 February 2008

National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) exists from 01.01.2002.

NRIC is a merchant - a state enterprise in the sense of article 62, paragraph3 from the Commercial Law, and created on the basis of article 9, paragraph 1 from the Law for railway transport. NRIC is responsible for whole management of the railway infrastructure.

NRIC organizes, carries out and is responsible for the realization of its responsibilities according to the long-term Contract between the Company and the State. The company organizes its activities on the basis of researches, forecasts and programmes for development of the railway infrastructure in Bulgaria in full accordance with this Contract.

NRIC is beneficiary for the projects in the frame of Priority Axe I and for a project in the frame of Priority Axe II from the Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013.