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OPTTI provides 20 million levs for dredging equipment on the Danube

30 January 2018 A+AA-
OPTTI provides 20 million levs for dredging equipment on the Danube

OPTTI 2014-2020 Managing Authority approved the project for the purchase of multifunctional dredging equipment on the river Danube. The project is financed under OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure and amounts to over 20 million levs. The envisaged deliverables include the purchase of dredging equipment, tubes for deposit transportation, chalice, pontoon and maneuvering ship.

Thanks to the new dredging facilities Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River will ensure the all-year-round utilization of the river waterway and will implement effectively the commitments made to maintain the faraway in the Bulgarian section. The project will facilitate the access to river ports, increase navigation safety and increase cargo flows.

In addition a new cutter for hydrographic measurements, purchased under Connecting Europe Facility, will be delivered today in Rousse. The agency will use it to gather precise information on the changes that occur at critical river sections. In that way the trajectory of the waterway will be optimized and better conditions will be provided for the transportation of cargo and passengers on the river.

By the end of the year a modern ship to mark the waterway is to be obtained. It will facilitate the only ship that does that at present in the whole of the Bulgarian section.


EC allocates 293 million Euro for Plovdiv-Bourgas railway line modernization +

16 November 2018

The European Commission allocated 293 million Euros for the modernization of the railway line between the cities of Plovdiv and Bourgas. The rehabilitation of the 293-kilometer section, which was initiated in the past programing period under Op...

Ivaylo Moskovski: By 2019 Sofia to have 48 km of subway lines with 43 stations +

14 March 2018

The subway is a very good example of an intermodal project and its implementation has been very successful, said the minister of Transport, information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski during today’s inspection of the works at...

European Commission allocates 451 million Euros for the modernization of Elin Pelin - Kostenetz railway line +

1 February 2018

The European Commission approved the financing of the project for modernization of the railway line Elin Pelin - Kostenetz that amounts to 451 million Euros. Over 51 km of railways and 5 railway stations along the line will be modernized through the...