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Beneficiaries Achieve Better Results in Implementation of Projects Financed under OP Transport

28 May 2012 A+AA-

All beneficiaries under Operational Programme (OP) Transport have established internal structures providing good preparation, implementation, management, monitoring and control of the projects under OP Transport. This is one of the conclusions contained in the report of the Eco-Vico Consortium, which carried out an assessment on: “Study of the Process of Project Implementation at End Beneficiaries Level” of OP Transport. The assessment covered all six beneficiaries under the programme: the Railway Infrastructure National Company (RINC), the Road Infrastructure Agency, Metropoliten EAD, the Port Infrastructure state-owned enterprise, the Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River and the Managing Authority of OP Transport.

The assessment covered the beneficiaries’ capacity; the efficiency of the implementation of the procedures; identifying of problems in the project implementation; presentation of good practices and analysis of the possibilities for their exchange among the beneficiaries.

The summary of the efficiency assessment of the implementation of the procedure on the part of the beneficiaries under OP Transport shows that the distribution of functions and responsibilities between the Managing Authority of OP Transport and the beneficiaries has been done in an appropriate manner. The analysis further shows that upon the implementation of the procedures for the preparation of projects, the Managing Authority of OP Transport has the highest level of efficiency, followed by the Road Infrastructure Agency and RINC. The lack of ready projects and unsuccessful calls have been pointed out as main reasons for the lower efficiency of the procedures and for the delay of the projects under OP Transport.

The assessment shows that all beneficiaries encounter difficulties in the implementation of tender procedures. Capacity problems, related to the drafting of big infrastructure projects, including filling of application forms, were identified in regards to certain beneficiaries.

Within the assessment made, the Sofia Underground extension project implemented by Metropoliten EAD was pointed out as an example of good practice. The project is successful due to the good organization for risk assessment on the part of the beneficiary, the developed double monitoring and control system as well as the involvement of all participants in the project implementation and management.

The assessment and analysis of the project implementation under OP Transport at the level of end beneficiaries covers the period from 2007 to 30 June 2011 and was carried out in accordance with the Indicative Plan of Assessment of OP Transport. The contractor, the Eco-Vico Consortium has been selected in a public procurement procedure. The assessment drafted aims at enhancing the quality, the efficiency, the impact, the sustainability and the compliance with the assistance granted under the Cohesion Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget.

The report has been drafted under project BG161PO004-5.0.01-0040 “Independent Assessments of Operational Programme Transport 2007-2013” and is financed within Priority Axis 5 “Technical Assistance” of OP Transport through the European Regional Development Fund.


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