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OP Transport Implemented at Increasingly Higher Pace

28 May 2012 A+AA-

“After a relatively slow start, the implementation of Operational Programme (OP) Transport is gradually gaining momentum.” This is the main conclusion contained in the report of the UIG & Partners Consortium, which is carrying out an interim assessment of the progress of the overall implementation of OP Transport 2007-2013. The consortium says that if the present tendency is preserved, the programme will be implemented without loss of funds.

The launching of big infrastructure projects, such as Maritsa Motorway, Strouma Motorway and stage II of the Sofia Underground – the Obelya-Nadezhda and Mladost 1-Tsarigradsko Chausse sections – is a precondition for an even better financial implementation of the programme, the experts having drafted the report say.

In view to keeping the good pace of absorption of funds within the programme, the consultant has stressed the need to ensure good preparation of the projects pending financing both in the current and in the next programming period and recommends larger investments to this end. The report further recommends to the Managing Authority of OP Transport to continue with the implementation of the measures for strengthening its administrative capacity and the one of the beneficiaries through trainings and the introduction of a system of incentives for the employees.

The consultant has identified as problem the uneven implementation within the separate priority axes of OP Transport. No progress has been reported in regards to the multimodal transport of cargo within Priority Axis 3 and waterway transport within Priority Axis 4. In this context, it has been recommended to the Managing Authority of OP Transport to identify, along with the beneficiaries, new projects that should be implemented in these two areas with the purpose of achieving the anticipated economic and social impact of the programme.

The main problems, encountered by the beneficiaries in the course of the implementation of projects within OP Transport, are related to alienation and obtaining of construction and environmental permits. Certain difficulties have been detected in regards to the provision of the project financing. Therefore, the consultant has recommended discussing certain important changes in regards to the legal and institutional environment of implementation of OP Transport, for example, statutory changes envisaging “accelerated” administration of EU-financed projects on the part of licensing authorities and courts.

The interim assessment of the overall performance of OP Transport was carried out in accordance with the Indicative Plan of Assessment of OP Transport and covers the period from 2007 to 30 June 2011. The contractor, the UIG & Partners Consortium has been selected in a public procurement procedure. The assessment drafted aims at enhancing the quality, the efficiency, the impact, the sustainability and the compliance with the assistance granted under the Cohesion Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget.

The report has been drafted under project BG161PO004-5.0.01-0040 “Independent Assessments of Operational Programme Transport 2007-2013” and is financed within Priority Axis 5 “Technical Assistance” of OP Transport through the European Regional Development Fund.


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