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Funds disbursed under OP "Transport" 2007 – 2013 amount over 1,575 billion Euro

24 September 2015 A+AA-

Over 1,575 billion Euro have been disbursed to beneficiaries, which exceeds 80% of the funds under Operational Programme on "Transport". This was stated by Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications and Head of the Managing Authority of OP "Transport" Ivaylo Moskovski during the annual report of the program.

Minister Moskovski pointed out that during this programming period has been gained good experience in project management, which will be used in the implementation of the projects that are currently starting. “OP "Transport"entered its final stage and the results are visible", said Minister Moskovski, adding that have been achieved good rates of implementation of the set aims in comparison with other European countries.

Minister Ivaylo Moskovski reported that only within a year have been put into operation four large infrastructure projects - Lot 2 of "Maritza" Motorway, Lot 4 of "Struma" Motorway and the underground to Sofia Airport and the Business Park in the “Mladost 4” quarter. He reported on the successful completion of two projects for monitoring of shipping by sea and river - VTMIS and BULRIS, and added that Bulgaria was the first Danube country, which has built administrative and operational center for vessel traffic monitoring. "Successfully completed was also the project for the improvement of navigation and topohydrographic measurements along the Danube River, which has been implemented by Executive Agency "Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River", said Ivaylo Moskovski.

"At the end of October we will finish Lot 2 of "Struma" Motorway and Lot 1 of "Maritza" Motorway, which will become the second motorway that is completely constructed", the Minister said. "We make maximal efforts to complete largely by the end of the year the three railway projects along the directions Parvomay - Svilengrad, Plovdiv - Bourgas and Septemvri - Plovdiv. Analyses indicate that part of the activities will be executed in 2016, for which we shall look for other sources of financing - funds from the beneficiary, budgetary funds or a loan“, said Ivaylo Moskovski.

The Deputy Head of the Managing Authority of OP "Transport" Galina Vassileva reported that in the remaining months by the end of the year should be acquired about 420 million Euro so as not to be lost funds. "83 km railway lines are to be constructed, under way are the modernization of the Sofia and Bourgas railway stations and the construction of the Intermodal Terminal Plovdiv", summed Galina Vassileva. "In the road sector are to be built 72 km of motorways, 24 km of first class roads and a system for counting of traffic on motorways and first class roads," said Eng. Vassileva. She added that is envisaged a "reverse" staging process for the project on the extension of line 2 of the underground starting from "James Boucher" station to "Vitosha" station in the “Hladilnika” quarter. It was envisaged to be financed under the new operational programme and now it will be implemented with funds from OPT. Galina Vassileva said that the European Commission has also approved the last project under the programme regarding the construction of the bypass of the town of Gabrovo.

The event was attended by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova, representatives of the beneficiaries of the programme, of the executive and the local authorities, of NGOs, experts and others.

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