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Deputy-Minister Petar Kirov gave start to the modernization of Pazardzhik railway station

12 February 2014 A+AA-

Today the Deputy-Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Petar Kirov gave start to the modernization of Pazardzhik railway station. During the event Petar Kirov said that the long-delayed refurbishing of the station has led to an unwelcoming place for visitors and residents of the town. “This was the reason to start thinking about its overall modernization and to transform it into a modern center of the rail transport and an enjoyable part of the urban environment”, he added.

Deputy-Minister Petar Kirov said that due to the funds provided under Operational Programme “Transport” 2007-2013 over 3.5 million levs will be invested in the rehabilitation of the railway station. He also announced that all funds under OP “Transport” 2007-2013 provided for rail projects have been agreed and about 830 million levs were repaid to the beneficiaries of the priority axis.

The construction sight “Reconstruction and renovation of the entrance building of Pazardzhik station - 2nd stage” is part of a project under which the entrance buildings of Sofia Central Station and the passenger station in Burgas will be rehabilitated. The project is financed under Operational Programme “Transport 2007-2013”.

The main goal of the project is complete architectural renovation eligible to the energy efficiency requirements through the use of high-quality, energy-efficient materials. A complete replacement of the interior and exterior windows will be made, retrofitting of the premises, as well as some fire safe equipment will be installed so that warm and comfortable waiting room are provided. Access to all levels of the station complex will be provided for persons with reduced mobility through the construction and installation of lifts and ramps in compliance with all European requirements.

There will be a service center, shops and a good visual communication (signposting) for easy orientation of the passengers. Full renovation of the pedestrian underpass will be made – hydro insulation, restoration of the lighting as well as the external power supply.

“Vector Engineering” Consortium is the contractor for the design and construction while the appropriate assessment and the construction supervision will be carried out by the “Rubicon -En Ar 2” association. The implementation period of the project is eight months.

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