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PROJECT “ROAD E-85 (I-5) "KARDZHALY – PODKOVA" from km 342+639.41 to km 367+427 and road connection "Fotinovo" from km 0+000 to km 2+368"


The project has been approved by the of the Operational programme "Transport" 2007-2013 on 21.09.2011

Beneficiary: Agency "Road Infrastructure"


Total cost of the project: 45 400 748.02 BGN

Awarded grant under OP "Transport": 45 400 748.02 BGN with VAT

Sources of grant funding:

Cohesion Fund of EU: 36 320 598.42 BGN

National co-financing: 9 080 149.60 BGN

The project is funded under Priority Axis 2 "Development of road infrastructure along the Trans-European and major national transport axes" of the Operational Programme "Transport" 2007-2013


Aim of the project

The road I-5 Kardzhaly - Podkova is a part of the Trans-European Transport Network - Corridor № 9, connecting Finland and Russia with Greece through Romania and Bulgaria. From the Bulgarian side, the new road connecting the route to Podkova is completed under the program PHARE Trans Border Cooperation (TBC). The road between Ruse and Makaza is first class and it is part of the European road E 85 on the territory of Bulgaria. It is one of four first-class routes crossing Bulgaria from North to South, and it is the major connection in the direction "North-South".

With the realization of this project the whole direction from the town of Kardzhzly to the border with Greece will be modernized.

 The project is divided into two construction sites:

Construction site 1 - Including capital repairs (rehabilitation) of the object: Road I-5 “Kardzhaly - road fork Dzhebel” from km 342+639.41 to km 350 +858.31.

Construction site 2 -  It is a new construction - II-nd stage of the Road I-5 (E 85) “Road fork Dzhebel - Podkova” from km 343+200 to km 367+427 and road connection Fotinovo from km 0+000 to km 2+368.

The trace of the road is located in the South-Eastern part of Rodopy Mountain and is entirely situated on the territory of Kardzhaly district - Momchilgrad, Dzhebel and Podkova municipalities.

The terrain of the road is low mountainous and hilly. The main drainage artery is Vrabnitsa River with its left feeders – rivers Chitak dere, Bezimenna and Goljama River.

Situationally the road represents clotoide curve trace,with radii vary in the range from 250 to 1500 meters. The beginning of the construction site is on the road I-5, 860m before the intersection for the town of Dzhebel at km 349+996 according to the rehabilitation project, continues along the existing road III-508 and after moving away is developing on a new terrain on the left bank of Varbitsa River until joining to already completed I-st stage of the road “Kardzhaly– Makaza” at km 367+427. At km 366+262 the road connection for Fotinovo village begins.

Seismically, the area falls into the area of VII seismical degree in accordance with seismical zoning of Bulgaria for the period of 1000 years.


The place of project implementation is South Central district.


Technical parameters of the project

Main technical parameters of Construction site 1:

• Class on the road - I-st class

• Design speed - 80 km/h and 50 km/h

• Length: 8.219 km

• Large road crossings: 6 pcs.

• Large facilities: 6 pcs.

Project status:

 Site is completed. Act 16 issued.  A permit for using was issued on 16.11.2012 by National Construction Supervision and Control (NCSC).

 Main technical parameters Construction site 2:

• Class of the road: I-st class

• Design speed: 80 km/h for the direct route and 60 km/h for the connection to Fotinovo village;

• Length: 24,227 km direct route and 2.368 km Fotinovo connection

• Gauge clearance: 10.50 G

• Road junctions: 7 pcs.

• Road connection “Fotinovo”

• Road intersections: 2 pcs.

• Large facilities:        8 pcs.

Project executors



- Leading partner - "INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SYSTEM", JSC, Sofia



- Partner - "ROADSTROY", LLC, Stara-Zagora

Subcontractor: Not declared

The cost of the contract for construction: 38 387 455 BGN with VAT

The date of issuance of a building permit: 26.08.2011.

Construction supervision: CLEA ”INFRASTRUCTURE-HIGHWAYS”

The value of the contract: 226 800 BGN with VAT



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