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Project "Gabrovo town bypass road” – Phase 1 - section from km 0+000


The project has been approved by the Managing Authority of the Operational programme "Transport" 2007-2013 on 30.04.2013

Duration: 540 calendar days

Beneficiary: Agency "Road Infrastructure"


Total cost of the project: 132 486 817.29 BGN

Awarded grant under OP "Transport":  108 760 244.76 BGN with VAT

Sources of grant funding:

Cohesion Fund of EU: 87 008 195.81 BGN

National co-financing: 21 752 048.95 BGN

The project is funded under Priority Axis 2 "Development of road infrastructure along the Trans-European and major national transport axes" of the Operational Programme "Transport" 2007-2013


Aim of the project

The bypass road of Gabrovo town is a part of the Trans-European Transport Corridor № IX - Bucharest - Ruse - Dimitrovgrad - Alexandroupolis and is a focal point for traffic flow in the direction North – South.

The main transport routes that the object will serve are as follows:

- Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo – Shipka – Stara Zagora – Svilengrad (Makaza);

- Oryahovo – Sevlievo – Shipka – Stara Zagora – Svilengrad (Makaza);


Phase 1 of the project which will be implemented in this programming period /2007-2013/ includes the following sections:


Stage I - from km 0+000 to km 7+670, total length – 7.670 km – rehabilitation

The first stage begins from the intersection where the bypass road moves away from the road I-5 V.Tarnovo – Gabrovo and ends before the road junction “Popovtsy” on the road II-44 Sevlievo – Gabrovo.

Stage II - from km 7+670 to km 10+940.74, total length 3.270 km – rehabilitation and reconstruction

The second stage is from road junction with the road II-44 Sevlievo – Gabrovo to Chehlevtsy village (road intersection with the road III-4404). The trace of the road passes to the west from Voynovo neibourhood an ends at Chehlevtsy village.

Stage III - from km 10+940.74 to km 16+010, total length 5.069 km – new construction

The third stage is from road intersection with road A-4404, Chehlevtsy village to the road junction "Djado Djanko", Gabrovo (road III-5006).

Stage IV from km 16+010 to km 20+124.50, length 4.115 km - new construction

The fourth stage is from the road junction "Djado Djanko" (road III-5006) Gabrovo, to Radetski neibourhood (road intersection for stage connection to the road I-5 – Pass Shipka).

Stage connection from km 0+000 (coinsiding with km 20+124.50 of the main route) to km 3+130, total length 3.130 km – new construction

At km 20+124.50, East from HPP “Malusha”, stage connection with a length of 3.130 km moves away to the right. The stage connection serves as a connection of Gabrovo bypass road with Shipka Pass /RP I-5/ and will be used as an alternative route when it may happen emergency closure of the tunnel under Shipka peak.


The place of project implementation is Northern Central region, Gabrovo town.


Technical parameters of the project

• Overall length:      23.254 km;

• Double line road with gauge clearance 10.5 m

• Designed speed: 70-80 km/h

• Tunnel: 1 piece /540 m/ from km 12+420 to km 12+960

• Bridges and viaducts: 5 pcs

• Road junctions: 4 pcs

• Intersections: 4pcs


Main activities under the project

The project "Bypass of Gabrovo town" is divided into 5 stages and it is planned to be executed in two phases:

Phase I (planned for implementation in the period 2007-2013) includes the construction of Stages from I to IV from km 0+000 to km 20+124. 50 and stage connection of the bypass road with the existing road I-5 from km 0+000 (20+124.50) to 3+130, as well as the development of advanced conceptual design of the Tunnel under the Shipka Peak, part of stage V of the project;

• Phase II (planned for implementation in the period 2014-2020) includes the construction of Stage V from km 20+124.50 to km 31+000, including a tunnel under the Shipka Peak.

Project executors

• Executor: Consortium "Road Construction Veliko Tarnovo” (RCVT) with partners:

- "Hidrostroy" SC, Varna;

- "Road works - Veliko Tarnovo" JSC, Veliko Tarnovo;

- "Roadengineeringstroy - T" SC, Targovishte

The cost of the contract for construction works: 92 940 000 BGN with VAT

Date of issuance of a building permit for the First stage from km 0+000 to km 7+670:              15.05.2013

Duration: 540 calendar days

• Construction supervision: CLEA "United consultants" with partners:

- "Transconsult - BG" LLC – Sofia

- "Traffic-holding" LLC, Aksakovo

- "Rubicon Engineering" – Varna

The value of the contract: 1 096 032 BGN with VAT

Inquiries about payments under the project: "Gabrovo city bypass road”:

Currently there is not carried out payments on the project.


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