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National Road Infrastructure Fund

22 February 2008 A+AA-

National Road Infrastructure Fund is heir's rights of Executive Agency "Roads", from 12.08 2006. The Fund is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the motorways and all roads, classified as 1st, 2nd, 3rd class, which provide transport links from National importance and constitute the road network of Republic of Bulgaria.

The Fund is beneficiary of the projects in the frame of Priority Axe I of Operative Programme on Transport 2007-2013.

Road Infrastructure Agency

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The approval level of OPT 2007-2013 reaches 80% at the end of the first programme period +

1 December 2016

The sociological surveys, conducted during the first programme period of Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013, show that at the end of the period the level of approval reaches 80% among the Bulgarian population, aged 15 + years. This show...