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Another 36 Km of Trakiya Motorway Unveiled

13 July 2012 A+AA-

As of 12 July 2012 Lot 3, Nova Zagora – Yambol (from km 241st+900 to km 277th+597) of Trakiya Motorway is set into operation. The new section is 35.7 km long and runs via the territory of two regions – Sliven and Yambol. The construction and installation activities were carried out by Aktor ASD. The contract was of the worth of 133,973,906.02 BGN after VAT. Construction supervision was carried out by the alliance, Т7/SNIK company under the Obligations and Contracts Act. The contract was of the worth of 1,077,240 BGN after VAT. The designer supervision was carried out by Rutex OOD and the contract signed with it was of the value of 111,672 BGN after VAT.

The total value of the project, Completion of Trakiya Motorway, lots 2, 3 and 4, is 709,166 776 BGN, as the financial assistance extended under Operational Programme (OP) Transport equals 699,648,287 BGN.

The Trakiya Motorway is part of Pan-European Transport Corridor VІІІ. Its construction is co-financed under the Cohesion Fund of the European Union through OP Transport 2007-2013 and is a priority infrastructure project of national and international importance.

The construction of the facility, launched on 2 August 2010, included: excavation works - 3.6 million cu m, filling -2.6 million cu m, gravel – 394,000 cu m, concrete works – 45,000 cu m, cement stabilization – 181,000 cu m, bituminous basis – 263,000 tonnes, binder – 132,000 tonnes, a layer of stone mastic asphalt for active lanes – 931,000 sq m, type A layer for emergency lanes – 78,000 sq m. Steel protective fences of 120,000 m have been installed.

A total of 18 facilities - 7 agricultural overpasses and 3 underpasses – have been constructed. Two-level five road overpasses and one subway are constructed at crossing points with the national road network. A bridge has been constructed at km 249th+955, as well as a crossing with the Sofia-Bourgas railway line at km 263rd+797.

Special nets, painted in bright contrasting colours, are placed along the motorway – at the section from km 270th+000 to km 277th+900 – for the protection of migratory birds. The purpose is to ensure birds’ safe flight in an area of about four metres.

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