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Minister Danail Papazov: The budget of OP "Transport and transport infrastructure" is almost 1.9 billion euros

26 February 2014 A+AA-
Minister Danail Papazov: The budget of OP "Transport and transport infrastructure" is almost 1.9 billion euros

Together with national co-financing the budget of Operational Programme "Transport and transport infrastructure" reaches almost 1.9 billion euros. This was stated by Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Danail Papazov during today's discussion of the Partnership Agreement for the programming period 2014 – 2020. About 70 % of these funds or over 1.3 billion euros will be distributed equally to building railway and road infrastructure.

The remaining funds will be invested in improving intermodality for passengers and cargo, and the development of sustainable urban transport through the construction of subway stations and intermodal terminals in Rousse", said Minister Papazov. He added that more than 77 million euros from the programme budget will be invested in development of information systems in shipping and civil aviation. "Our goal is to seek balance in investment between North and South Bulgaria", said Minister Danail Papazov .

The funds for railway infrastructure are to be invested in improving the railway lines Rousse - Varna, Bourgas - Sindel, Plovdiv - Burgas and Sofia - Septemvri. In addition, through the ConnectingEurope Facility, the sections Vidin - Medkovets and Sofia - Dragoman will apply for rehabilitation. The objective is the completion of major transport routes on the Romanian - Greek - Turkish border and improving transport links between the major ports in Burgas, Varna and Rousse.

Minister Danail Papazov added that in the road sector Lot 3 of Struma highway is to be completed, as the route Vidin - Botevgrad will be financed depending on the rest of the financial resources under OP "Transport and Transport Infrastructure" while Shipka tunnel and Hemus Highway are still priority projects.

In the field of ICT and e-government Minister Danail Papazov announced that the efforts will be dedicated to the development and use of innovative products and services through the introduction of e-commerce, banking, training, payment and others. He said that training IT professionals and digital competence in other sectors, particularly in small and medium enterprises, will also be improved. He stressed out that the priority for Bulgaria will be the electronization and provision of an easy access to public services for citizens and businesses, and the introduction of e-Justice.

Minister Danail Papazov said that the Ministry of Transport, information Technology and Communications has already drafted a National Plan on infrastructure for next generation access, accompanied by a socio-economic analysis and design of eGovernment strategies and roadmaps to it .

 doc.gifWorking version of the OPTTI 2014-2020 .doc (1.42 MB)

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