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Tender Procedure for Executor of the Sofia Metropolitan Expansion Started

19 May 2008 A+AA-

Metropolitan EAD as a potential beneficent of OP "Transport" 2007-2013 started today an open tender procedure for executor of: Project for expansion of Sofia Metropolitan II Diameter; section: Road-junction "Nadejda" - Central Railway Station - "Sveta Nedelia" Square - NDK - Bul. "Cerni Vrah", including construction of three metro stations, section tunnels 4,42 km, architectural-constructive and electromechanical part for the whole section with length 6,4km, with 7 metro stations.

The project is foreseen to be financed by the priority axis "Improvement of the Intermodality of Passengers and Freights Transportations" part of the OP "Transport", with indicative budget of 145 millions Euros, including up to 85% free help and 15% national co-financing.

The announcement for public order includes the following two separated positions:

  1. Separated position №1: "Road junction Nadejda (km 4+140) - Central Railway Station - Sveta Nedelia Square - bul. Patriarch Evtimij (km 7+910)",with the length of 3,8 km including 4 metro stations, without the projecting and the accomplishment of the constructions of metro station MC 8-II.

    2.  Separated position №2: "Bul. Patriarch Evtimij (km 7+910) -bul. Cerni Vrah (km 10+495)" with length 2.6 km with including 3 metro stations, without the projecting and the accomplishment of the constructions of metro stations MC 11-II with the tunnel section which follows it.

The main construction of two of the metro stations (MC 9-II and MC 10-II) including the tunnels between them are already built. The perimeter of the works for the both separated positions includes the development of a work project, as well as building of the section on the following parts: Constructions, Recovery of the built sections; Architectural-Construction; Technological equipment on the electromechanical part, including railway-road and contact rail; transport automatic; dispatcher control and low tension current systems, up to the final accomplishment of the sections and their implementation.

The term for receiving of offers or participation applications is 12.00 o'clock on May 27, 2008.

The information announcement has been published in:

Number of the announcement in the official newspaper of the EU: 2008/S 61 - 082375 on March28, 2008.

State Newspaper: announcement N: 25 from 31.03.2008

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