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Project "Modernization of Septemvry – Plovdiv Railway Section – part of the Trans-European railway network"


The project has been approved by the Managing Authority of the Operational programme "Transport" 2007-2013 on 13.07.2011 and by the European Commission on 16.01.2012.

Deadline: Scheduled to end on 30.09.2015.

Beneficiary: National Company "Railway infrastructure”

Budget: The total cost of the project after tenders: 630 626 259.28 BGN

Awarded grant under OP "Transport": 200 000 000.00 BGN

Sources of grant funding:

Cohesion Fund of EU: 160 000 000.00 BGN

National co-financing: 40 000 000.00 BGN

Co-financing from NCRI: 430 626 259.28 BGN

The project is funded under Priority Axis 1 "Development of railway infrastructure along the Trans-European and major national transport axes" of the Operational Programme "Transport" 2007-2013

Aim of the project

The project "Modernization of the railway section Septemvry – Plovdiv" is a project for modernization of the railway infrastructure, which targets to increase the linear velocity on the route of the length of 53.6 km, to 160 km/h for conventional passenger trains, and up to 200 km/h for trains with lurching baskets (double rail line). Thus the trace will become more competitive comparing to the automobile roads, it will increase its capacity and will improve the security of the network by the installation of the European Train Control System (ETCS) for signalling and GSM-R communications, and replacing all crossings with overpasses and tunnels.

Major parties interested in the implementation of the project are:

- Passengers and carriers of goods by rail, as it is expected the traffic to increase respectively by 13% and by 10% after completion of the project;

- The population in the region (about 3 400 000) – as in the large urban centres (approximately 2 200 000), as well as along the railway corridor;

- Regional economy, specifically in the city of Plovdiv, with its considerable industrial base;

- Train operators – public and private;

The railway from Sofia to Plovdiv through Septemvry is a part of Corridor VIII of Trans -European railway transport network and of the TRACECA corridor in the South Caucasus and Central Asia.


Place of project implementation is South Central region, districts: Plovdiv, Pazardzhik; municipalities Septemvry, Stambolijsky.

Technical parameters of the project

- Increasing linear velocity up to 160 km/h along the whole route;

- Re-construction of the railway within the frame of the available trail;

- Improvement of the bridges, including reconstruction of one bridge in a way to allow higher linear velocity;

- Replacement along the trail of four road crossings on the level of the rails with overhead crossings;

- Installation of a new electronic signalling system (ETCS level 1);

- Fiber-optic cable and GSM-R radio equipment throughout the whole route between Sofia and Plovdiv;

Modern passenger information systems at railway stations

Main activities under the project

Modernization of the object includes the design of the construction works and their execution without leaving the boundaries of the existing railroad trace, and in particular:

- Geological, hydrological, geodetical and other researches, inspections and measurements of the plots to be modernized;

- Design of modernization and creation bottom and upper construction of the trace of a doubled electrified railway line in the entire area from Septemvry to Plovdiv with construction parameters that allow the intended design speed;

- Design and laying new uper construction of the railway along the whole route on reinforced concrete sleepers type B-70 using rails type UIC 60 (60 EI) after dismantle of the existing upper construction with rails type S 49;

- Design and construction of new upper construction and new railway switches in railway stations, along the main rail tracks - type UIC 60 (60 EC) and along the secondary rail tracks – type S 49 (49 EI);

- Works on contact network and sections’ posts (including reconstruction of traction substation Preslav and sectional post Pazardzhik);

- Design and construction/renovation of the crossing facilities of the railway line and passengers servicing facilities (pedestrian subways, flyovers etc.) in accordance with the requirements for people with disabilities (applies to all stations and stops included in the project);

- Measures for environmental protection;

- Design and construction of systems and signalling in the area between Septemvry – Plovdiv and telecommunications Sofia – Plovdiv.


Project executors

Executor: Consortium "Swietelsky baugesellschaft” – Austria;


1. “Swietelski Baugesellschaft” – Austria

2. Repair Restorative Enterprise "Këne" SC

The value of the contract: 75 350 325.91 BGN with VAT

Executor: CLEA "IGA Railway Infrastructure"


1. "GEA" 21 – Spain;

2. "Indgstroyengineering" – R. Bulgaria;

3. "Construcciones Aransa Asinas” – Spain

The value of the contract: 67 233 454.54 BGN with VAT

Executor: "Porr Bau" GMBH – Austria

The value of the contract: 67 233 454.54 BGN with VAT

Executor: Consortium "TKB – Sofia – Plovdiv"


1. "Thales Austria GmbH" (Austria);

2. "Kapsch Carriercom AG" (Austria);

3. "Balcantel" LLC – Bulgaria

The value of the contract: 91 403 641. 56 BGN with VAT

Executor: Consortium EPG-ETE


1. “Azeban und Bauplanung GmbH”, Germany

2. "El Trans engineering – BM” – Bulgaria

The value of the contract: 8 177 070.00 BGN with VAT


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