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Project "Project for expansion of the subway in Sofia: Stage II, Lot 1 "Obelya - Nadezhda" and Lot 2 "Mladost I - Tsarigradsko Shosse"


The project is approved by the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme (OP) "Transport 2007-2013" on 18.02.2011 and by the Europian Commission on 01.07.2011

Deadline: Lot 2 of Stage II "Mladost I - Mladost III - blvd. Tsarigradsko Shosse" is put into operation on 25.04.2012, and Lot 1 "Obelya - Nadezhda" - on 31.08.2012

Beneficiary: "Metropolitan" Joint Stock Company (JSC)


Total cost of the project: 705 852 959 BGN, including VAT

Awarded grant under OP "Transport": 456 219 816 BGN, including VAT

Sources of grant funding:

Cohesion Fund: 364 975 853 BGN

National co-financing: 91 243 963 BGN

Co-financing by Sofia Capital Municipality: 249 633 143 BGN

The project is funded under Priority Axis 1 "Development of railway infrastructure along the Trans-European and major national transport axes" of the Operational Programme "Transport" 2007-2013

Aim of the Project

The main goal of the project is the development of the Subway as the main transport system for the city of Sofia, connected with the transport elements of the Ttrans-European Corridors № 4, 8 and 10, and with regional and national transport networks, in particular with railway networks, with Metro station at Central Railway Station and railway station "Druzhba".

Stage II - Extension of Metro Diametr 2 of the Subway with 4.2 km more, and 4 Metro stations between housing complex (h.c.) "Obelya" and road junction "Nadezhda" (Lot 1), and extension of  Metro Line 1 with 2.5 km more, between h.c. “Mladost 1” and blvd. "Tsarigradsko Shosse" and 2 underground Metro stations (Lot 2). Lot 1 provides construction of a connection with the depot for trains’ servicing in h.c. “Obelya”.


South-Western Region, District Sofia, BG 41, district Sofia–city, municipality - Sofia Capital

Technical parameters of the project

The project includes two independent lots from technical and geographical point of view:

- Lot 1 "Obelya - Nadezhda" - 4.19 km length, of which 1.3 km are above the ground and 2.9 km underground route, and includes four new Metro stations: "Lomsko shosse", "Bely Dunav", "Nadezhda" and "Khan Krum". Under the boulevard "Lomsko shosse" there is in process of construction buffer parking lot with 600 parking spaces.

- Lot 2 "Mladost I - Tsarigradsko Shosse" - 2.5 km length, 2.2 km of which is a section tunnel. It includes the construction of two underground Metro stations - "Mladost III" and "Tsarigradsko Shosse", and buffer parking lot of 0.3 km length on boulevard "Tsarigradsko Shosse" (1300 parking spaces).

The infrastructure of the two lots includes tunnels between Metro stations, railway lines, power supply systems, security systems, communications and dispatch control.

Along with the construction of the tunnels, rails, subway stations and parking lots, as a part of this major project will be purchased 18 metro trains.

Main project activities

1. Planning and design;

2. Building and construction;

3. Machinery and equipment (including an underground garage);

4. Purchase of rolling stock;

5. Supervision during the time of the construction.

Project executors

Lot 1 of Stage II "H.c. Obelya – h.c. Nadezhda - Overpass Nadezhda"

- "Metroproject" Limited Liability Company (LLC), Value of the contract: 2 334 000.00 BGN including VAT;

- Merged enterprise "TRAM METRO", Value of the contract: 8930 256.70 BGN including VAT;

- "CONTROL - 99" LLC, Value of the contract: 546 110.56 BGN including VAT;

- Consortium "METROBUILDING - 2009", Value of the contract: 41 518 833.71 BGN including VAT;s

- Merged enterprise "Metro Build", Contract Value: 64 103 787.91 BGN including VAT;

- Merged enterprise "METRO BUILD 2010", Value of the contract: 25 754 770.78 BGN including VAT;

- Consortium "Urban and Communal Construction (UCC) Center - Balkanstroy", Value of the contract: 21 356 904.02 BGN including VAT;

- "METRO BUILD", Value of the contract: 4 798 786.62 lev VAT;

- Consortium "METROBUILDING - 2009", Value of the contract: 3 458 453.89 BGN including VAT;

- "ITA Engineering" LLC, Value of the contract: 21 768 640.97 BGN including VAT;

- Merged enterprise "OBELYA U-BAS", Value of the contract: 19 776 432.79 BGN including VAT;

- Merged enterprise "Energoremont -Montazhi", Value of the contract: 32 855 867.06 BGN including VAT;

- "STANILOV - ATCO TRADE" Company established on the base of Low for Engagements and Agreements (CLEA), Value of the contract: 10 654 773.50 BGN including VAT;

- "Start Engineering" Stockholders Company (SC), Value of the contract: 777 652.22 BGN including VAT;

- "Stanilov" Ltd., Value of the contract:  10 281 479.95 BGN including VAT;

"EXPRESS SERVICE" LLC, Value of the contract: 779 820.00 BGN including VAT;

- "Metrowagonmash" – RUSSIA, Value of the contract: 184 615 200.00 BGN including VAT;

Lot 2 of Stage II "h.c. Mladost I - Mladost III - bul. Tsarigradsko Shosse" (put in operation on 25.04.2012)

The main executor of the section was "Merged Enterprise Metro Mladost", value of the contract: 221 970 879.60 BGN including VAT. The equipment is from leading companies in the field, such as Siemens, Thyssen, Ericsson, Aerfol, Transavtomatika and others.

Information about the new trains:

The delivery of the trains is carryng out under Stage II of the "Project for the extension of the Sofia Metro", which is in execution  under Operational Programme "Transport" with funding from the Cohesion Fund of European Union, with local co-financing.

The value of the contract is worth 153 846 000 BGN, without VAT.

According to the supply contract, until the end of November 2012, 18 metro trains, each of 1100 passengers capacity, must be delivered. Some of them have already been put into operation.

The delivery is on schedule, and a number of trains already transport passengers approximately one month. All the equipment from the main contractor of the manufacturer - the Japanese company "Hitachi" was produced and delivered earlier than expected, what provided for the timely completion of the contract.

The trains are co-production of “Metrovagonmash”SC and JSC “Hitachi”. The body (the compartments) of the wagons and the bogies with the wheels and wheel’s axis are production of “Metrovagonmash”, while the motors, power electronics and control and command systems are produced by the Japanese company Hitachi. The electric motors are of asynchronous type with recuperation (recovery) of energy in the metro power system during the time of coasting and braking mode, i.e. in these cases they work as current generators. As a result, the expense of energy they have is about 25% less than it is spent on trains with conventional engines.

The body of the wagons is made of stainless steel, and therefore it is corrosion resistant and has longer life. The train is equipped with appropriate modern anti-skid devices, lubricators to lubricate bandages as to have them less worn-out, auto-lock system, automatic speed control and more.

Results in case of successful implementation of Stage II:

- Built subway lines - 6.7 km;

- Built metro stations- 6 pcs;

- Number of realized new trips on the subway system - 92 460;


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